Flawless Host Noise Marines

My first game with Emperors Children

Emperors Children vs. Dark Angels Deathwing


So I`ve finally found a gaming club in London just 20 minutes from my house! I managed to set up a list with my small Slaanesh 40k force and play a game at Overlords wargaming club in East London. How was my first game? Terrible…

Terrible in terms of the outcome, not the experience. I played against DA Deathwing terminators of Mr. Powderfan. I what did I learn? 40k is all about remembering things. When you keep forgeting your  nice warlord trait, forgeting +1A, forgeting about The Murder Sword, Hatred and Preferred Enemy fighting some DA terminators it is going to be bad. My first game ended 2:5. But it could have ended much better.

Emperors Children 1000pts:

Chaos Lord on Slaanesh Steed

  • Murder Sword
  • Sigil of Corruption

Slaanesh Sorcerer

6 Noise Marines with blastmaster

6 Noise Marines with blastmaster

5 Bikers

2 Spawns

2 Obliterators

Things learned:

  1. Write down your warlord trait.
  2. Remember about your unit`s Special Rules.
  3. Don`t be misguided with overwhelming welcome atmosphere. This is war! 😉

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