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Sonic blaster or bolter?

To sonic or not to sonic. This is the blaster.

Noise Marines wargear dilemma


Kakophoni by LilLegend Studio

Sonic blaster or bolter? As my next month games be 1000pts I would like to expand one of my Noise Marines units and make it 10 man squad. Aspiring champion with power sword is a must but what to do with special weapons for the rest of 8 guys (one is still carrying a blastmaster)? Looking for stats of sonic blaster one may say it is a fantastic stuff to have. Yest and no.

First of all we have it as a Salvo weapon, meaning that if you stay stationary, you get 3 shots up to 24″ with S4 AP5. Let`s say it is a better bolter and ingnores cover. But you MUST not move a the sonic blaster model to get 3×24″ shot so it makes this weapon quite defensive. Combining it with blastmaster seems to be a good idea but again, comparing 48″ range of blastmaster and only 24″ of sonic blaster means you will probably get a chance for a full salvo one or two times in a game. A sad thing for sure. What is/are positive in having sonic blasters? For a 24pts difference between sonic light weapons and bolters  in 10 men squad we get:

  1. Possible +1S when using a sorcerer with Symphony of Pain, a good one.
  2. Getting 24 shots with no cover saves instead of 16 without special “no cover” rule.

Are those 8 shots more worth 24pts? I find the whole idea of combining those nice sonic weaponry with Mark of Slaanesh little awkward. Something like being forced “to have a cookie and NOT to eat a cookie”. Mark of Slaanesh gives us +1 to initiative meaning we should use those Noise Marines for combat, more or less. Keeping 10 Noise Marines far away from the frey deprives us of the utility of Slaanesh initiative bonus. Some point value is lost. This is not going to be a flexible unit and I think I will have to just accept that. It seems to me that  Noise Marines with sonic blasters should be 10 or even bigger, camping/objective claiming and defending units. Put one or two units close together, fill them with power weapons and Icon of Excess and wait for your enemy to get closer.

I will consider buying 5 Kakophoni next month and make one 10 men squad made of Aspiring Champion with power weapon, Icon of Excess, 2 blastmasters and 8 sonic blasters. It is still better love story than Heldrake 😉

If you get to this point: thank you. This was my first bla bla bla entry in English 😉

ps. I like to treat my little army like Slaaneshi orchestra, each unit has to play a corresponding piece of music . It seems that Noise Marines with sonic blasters and blastmasters just get the brass and rhythm section in my list 😉


3 responses

  1. The Kakophoni models are awesome so on that basis alone, I say go for it. I think ‘ignores cover’ will be a pretty big deal at this points level too, there are a lot of guard armies in the escalation league – you’ll be pretty much guaranteed to clear a squad off an objective, even in cover, with one round of shooting.

    09/01/2014 at 08:40

    • lordstyrkaar

      I think I will go for it, big unit will be useful in next games as well and it is nice to make one step towards HH army 😉

      09/01/2014 at 10:42

  2. Styrkaar

    Reblogged this on Noise Marines.

    24/05/2014 at 22:53

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