Flawless Host Noise Marines

Building Slaanesh Noise Marines army

It is 4th month of Escalation League, we`ve reached 1250pts April, time to decide in which direction go with next purchases.


Noise Marines Land Rider by Daouide

My army for 1000pts:


Chaos Lord

Mark of Slaanesh

Sigil of corruption

Steed of Slaanesh

Veterans of the Long War 

Bolt Pistol

The Murder Sword


5 Noise Marines


5 Noise Marines



4 Chaos Bikers

 Icon of Excess 

Mark of Slaanesh 

Chaos Biker Champion with Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon





Magma cutters

2 Obliterators 

Mark of Slaanesh

My idea for further 250pts at this stage is to expand one Noise Marines unit by 5 guys and 1 blastmaster. Then I will be left with about enough points to add one more Obliterator. Rules of Escalation League are smart. You have to plan in advance your army development. If this was about just growing my army I would add just one more Helldrake and one more Oblit but I`ve played last game against Word Bearers with Land Rider and must admit: I fall in love with this vehicle 🙂 Game was sooo close! But I`ve lost ^^

Anyway, I was going to put in my list one more Maulerfiend and Helbrute but I will expand my troops because it is good to have one big unit to claim objectives and not to be wiped out before reserves arrive 😉 And next month I will start a hunt for a Land Rider on eBay to put Noise Marines close combat squad. Let`s hope it will be much better purchase than last deal I had with Maulerfiend…


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