Flawless Host Noise Marines

Noise Marines in Escalation League round 4

How to beat Tau with Chaos.


Last game we`ve played was 1250, just to remind my listit is here.

The first few moments before the battle I was terrified by the sheer amount of all this S6/8 AP2/3 Tau`s guns on jumping suits. I don`t remember what exactly Lyle had in his army but I`ve seen 3×3 suits, Hammerhead, 10 Kroots with sniper rifles, some HQ and his Riptide and Aegis Line with cannon.

I started with my troops, Mulerfiend and Obliterators on the table. Lord, Bikers & Helldrake in reserves. Big Puppy is hiding, small Noise Marines unit on top of the tower guarding the first objective, three Obliterators just in front of Aegis Line and the big unit in front of third objective.

Aegis Line upper left corner where one objective is placed. 2 units of Suits and Hammerhead was place there as well.

Aegis Line upper left corner where one objective is placed. 2 units of Suits and Hammerhead was place there as well.

I think the most important was the first turn just because of 100% efficiency of 3 blastmasters. No moves done. I had 48″ fire range so did not have to move at all and could keep away from those Tau`s deadly guns. I fired all my big sonic guns at suits hidden in Aegis line and without cover and instant death they just vanished. All 3 hits (one direct and two with rolls good enough not to scatter due to good BS) and one unit wiped out. Subsequent turns was pretty the same, I was shooting Tau stripped of cover saves.

This was the third game I used Maulerfiend and found out the most important thing which makes my big puppy effective: keep low profile, wait for opportunities, clear the field off big enemy guns that can harm it (ie. with Obliterators) and then use it`s speed to chase down threats like I did with Hammerhead.

I was going to put Land Rider next month but I will definitely go for more Noise Marines. And more blastmasters ^^

Men of the game:

Noise Marines

To be honest, I really do not understand why CSM players do not use MSU Noise Marines units with blastmasters. Playing Noise Marines army is fun, surprisingly effective. Sure it requires some practice but I am glad I am at the very beginning of it 🙂




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