Flawless Host Noise Marines

Flawless Host is flawless

Especially when you play against Slaanesh Daemons and other Chaos Space Marines.


I have played two 1500pts games today. One against Slaanesh Daemons and one against Chaos Space Marines. New things in my army: sorcerer, Dimensional Key and sonic blasters. 

My army:

+ HQ +

Chaos Lord (185pts)

Dimensional Key (25pts), Mark of Slaanesh (15pts), Sigil of corruption (25pts), Steed of Slaanesh (20pts)
* Power Armour (35pts)
Bolt Pistol, The Murder Sword (35pts)

Sorcerer (125pts)

Mark of Slaanesh (15pts), Steed of Slaanesh (20pts)
* Power Armour (30pts)
Bolt Pistol, Burning Brand of Skalanthrax (30pts), Force Weapon

+ Troops +

10 Noise Marines  (300pts)

Icon of Excess (30pts), 2x Noise Marine w/ Blastmaster (94pts), 2x Noise Marine w/ Bolter (34pts), 5x Noise Marine w/ Sonic Blaster (100pts)
Noise Champion (42pts)
Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon (15pts)

5 Noise Marines (125pts)

Noise Marine w/ Blastmaster (47pts), 3x Noise Marine w/ Bolter (51pts)
Noise Champion (27pts)
Bolt Pistol, CCW

5 Noise Marines (125pts)

Noise Marine w/ Blastmaster (47pts), 3x Noise Marine w/ Bolter (51pts)
Noise Champion (27pts)
Bolt Pistol, CCW

+ Fast Attack +

5 Chaos Bikers (205pts)

Icon of Excess (35pts), Mark of Slaanesh (10pts), 2x Meltagun (20pts)
Chaos Biker Champion (60pts)
Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Weapon (15pts)

 Heldrake (170pts)

+ Heavy Support +

Maulerfiend (125pts)
Magma cutters

2 Obliterators (140pts)

Here is Ross army:

Keeper of Secrets, lvl 3 pysker, 2 greater gifts 1 lesser gift

2 heralds of Slaanesh with lesser locus and lvl 2

2 x 10 Deamonettes with sgt

10 Blood Letters with Icon of Blood

3 Plague Drones with sgt and 3+ poison

Slaanesh Daemon Prince with wing armour and exalted gift with 2 lesser gifts

Battle no. 1 thoughts:

  • Sorcerer armed with Burning Brand of Skalanthrax with accompany of 5 bikers with combi-bolters, plasma gun and 2 melta guns is awesome thing. Just one turn of shooting and a whole squad of 10 Blood Letters obliterated. One object secured.
  • Maulerfiend facing an army with low amount of heavy shooting is a very good choice. His victims: Keeper of Secrets, 3 Nurgle Drones, 5 Daemonettes. Villain of the day.
  • Assaulting a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh is not a good idea at all. Better to withdraw and shoot it down.
  • Always remember to roll for Chaos Boons Table. Your Aspiring Champion may hold on whole enemy squad.
  • Always remember to roll for It will not die 😉
  • Slaanesh Sorcerer`s usability is restricted to few moments. I need to think if I want him to stay with me longer.

I have lost some Noise Marines to psychic powers and daemon`s vector strikes but at the end of the day victory was mine.

Lyle`s Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Lord with some Berserkers in Land Rider

10 Chaos Space Marines with some plasma guns

10 Raptors

20 (?) Cultists

6 Havocs with 4 assault cannons


I must admit I was little afraid of a sheer number of enemy infantry, especially Berserkers in assault vehicle. But…

I have rolled Infiltration trait for my warlord and this gave me opportunity to deploy 10 Noise Marines with 5 sonic blasters and 2 blastmasters. Combined with being first, no you don`t have to guess, the first target were Havocs. The first turn and I have killed 4 of them. Thread for upcoming Helldrake reduced significantly. Killing Havocs and blocking Noise Marines from being charged by Cultist with a bikers coming from reserves was a turning point of the game. Oh and Maulerfiend… he survived 2 turns of Land Rider firing (after failing charge for 3″), killed Land Rider, Berserkers, Chaos Lord and 10 Chaos Space Marines. Amount of daemon saves I did on 5+ was amazing today 😉

Battle no. 2 thoughts:

  • Sonic blasters & blast masters- do lots of damage if deployed well. You need one salvo to wipe out entire unit of 10 Raptors;
  • Remember to roll It will not die 😉
  • Look out for your Helldrake being vector striked at rear side armour by enemy Helldrake 😉
  • Dimensional Key completely useless this time: Obliterators did not go for Deep Strike, Lord was locked in combat and no other enemy units were moving on 12″ radius. I do not know if I am going to keep it for next games.

Thanks to Ross and Lyle, nice Sunday again. But remember Slaanesh is displeased by your lack of faith and you get the punishment this time 😀



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