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Sonic blaster or bolter?

To sonic or not to sonic. This is the blaster.

Noise Marines wargear dilemma


Kakophoni by LilLegend Studio

Sonic blaster or bolter? As my next month games be 1000pts I would like to expand one of my Noise Marines units and make it 10 man squad. Aspiring champion with power sword is a must but what to do with special weapons for the rest of 8 guys (one is still carrying a blastmaster)? Looking for stats of sonic blaster one may say it is a fantastic stuff to have. Yest and no. (more…)


My first game with Emperors Children

Emperors Children vs. Dark Angels Deathwing


So I`ve finally found a gaming club in London just 20 minutes from my house! I managed to set up a list with my small Slaanesh 40k force and play a game at Overlords wargaming club in East London. How was my first game? Terrible… (more…)