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Flawless Host is flawless

Especially when you play against Slaanesh Daemons and other Chaos Space Marines.


I have played two 1500pts games today. One against Slaanesh Daemons and one against Chaos Space Marines. New things in my army: sorcerer, Dimensional Key and sonic blasters.  (more…)


How about a sorcerer?

After few 1250pts games I am going to invest into Slaanesh sorcery.

slaanesh sorcererMy army grows and fills with infantry. Recent discovery of blastmasters efficiency made those MSU with big boom boom boom guns quite a good alternative. I`ve decided to keep growing my army around strong infantry core.

I`ve played my last few games with one big unit of 10 Noise Marines and two units of 5 NM. And I must admit: I love my shooting phase! 4 shots with blast weapons, ingoring cover, AP3 and 48″ range is so sweet 🙂 (more…)

Noise Marines in Escalation League round 4

How to beat Tau with Chaos.


Last game we`ve played was 1250, just to remind my listit is here.

The first few moments before the battle I was terrified by the sheer amount of all this S6/8 AP2/3 Tau`s guns on jumping suits. I don`t remember what exactly Lyle had in his army but I`ve seen 3×3 suits, Hammerhead, 10 Kroots with sniper rifles, some HQ and his Riptide and Aegis Line with cannon.

I started with my troops, Mulerfiend and Obliterators on the table. Lord, Bikers & Helldrake in reserves. Big Puppy is hiding, small Noise Marines unit on top of the tower guarding the first objective, three Obliterators just in front of Aegis Line and the big unit in front of third objective.

Aegis Line upper left corner where one objective is placed. 2 units of Suits and Hammerhead was place there as well.

Aegis Line upper left corner where one objective is placed. 2 units of Suits and Hammerhead was place there as well.


Building Slaanesh Noise Marines army

It is 4th month of Escalation League, we`ve reached 1250pts April, time to decide in which direction go with next purchases.


Noise Marines Land Rider by Daouide


Flawless Host Noise Marine no.1

Noise Marine

My first mini painted for 40k Flawless Host project. 

flawles shost noise marine


Sonic blaster or bolter?

To sonic or not to sonic. This is the blaster.

Noise Marines wargear dilemma


Kakophoni by LilLegend Studio

Sonic blaster or bolter? As my next month games be 1000pts I would like to expand one of my Noise Marines units and make it 10 man squad. Aspiring champion with power sword is a must but what to do with special weapons for the rest of 8 guys (one is still carrying a blastmaster)? Looking for stats of sonic blaster one may say it is a fantastic stuff to have. Yest and no. (more…)